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W8110 Ethernet
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W8110 Ethernet
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  • 2011-04-22
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Brief Description
Loop-W8110 Outdoor Wireless Access Point/Repeater/Bridge /Professional Vehicle Transceiver
Product Attributes
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Detailed Description
Industrial grade IP67 rugged, cast
aluminum casing
Up to 25 Km range with external antenna
Up to 108 Mbps data rate in Turbo Mode
500 mW output power transmission
Bandwidth control with QoS, VOIP and
Power over UTP DC supply
Wireless isolation between wireless clients
Professional vehicle transceiver
IEEE 802.11g compliant up to 54 Mbps
Up to 250 associations and 50 concurrent
Seamless roaming is supported between
access points in the same subnet
Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
Dual antenna diversity
RF power control: Transmit power software
adjustable to between 12.5% and 100% of
maximum radio power
Protocol filtering for Internet and Intranet
Web and SNMP management
The Loop-W8110 is designed for high data rates. It
is a long distance outdoor bridge with high RF
output power (up to 500mW). With an external
antenna it can be used to establish wireless links
up to 25 Km.
Configurable as either an Access Point or a
Repeater, it can support up to 250 Client
associations and 50 concurrent users in AP mode.
As a repeater, it supports one wireless uplink and
20 concurrent wireless downlinks.
The Loop-W8110 comes in an industrial grade
(IP67), rugged, cast aluminum casing and is
designed with mobility in mind. It is ideal for use in
moving vehicles where reliable, long haul wireless
communication is critical.
RoHS Compliance Statement
This product complies with DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC